Just for you.

The way I feel for you
I can see what you meant
when you told me you loved me.

Saturday night you kissed
me as you stared into my eyes
and I could finally feel something
for you.

Everyday i wonder what
I did to deserve you
the things you said almost
made me cry.

Oh the look in those
eyes bring me
back to the day when
I kissed you back.

I remember the day you
told me you loved me
oh how I told you that
I was afraid to fall in

You took my hand and
told me not to be afraid
that everything will be

I go back to that day
when I found out that 
my eyes make you loose 

In the morning when I woke
up next to you I could
feel what you meant.

Friday night at the hotel
you changed your ways
and you were happy because
I was there for you.

You took my hand and
said ' don't leave me alone '
because you loved me 
with all your heart.