First day of semester 2.

Now I have the DIN2C's official timetable. 
The best part was, there will be no more NIGHT CLASS for me! 

Today was my first day of  "kuliah". The first class was Marketing ( MKT 243 ). It was okay for the first hour of the lecture session. When all my friend started to fill up the entrance form ( it's to show how well you know the subject ). I think the majority of my classmate circle at number 1. For me, when I read all the question on the entrance form, I can't think of the answer. Oh shoot! this is way harder than I thought.

The next class was Costing ( ACC 116 ). We combined 3 classes for lecture session and for tutorial we will do by classes in different days. The lecturer was strict and serious. That's all I can tell to you guys for now because I barely knew my lecturers.

To all the readers, I might update my blog when I have time to do it and when I have good connection broadband. You can imagine stay at Lendu with low coverage of broadband. That's really " benggang" for me.