monday evening.

TPH event just finished last night. A lot of things happend during this whole week. Yeah I know my level does not won this time for the " Level Tercantik ". Ahaks. There will be next time. Betul kan budak2 level 23? haha.

This week will be my busy, busy, busy week. Many assingments that I have to do. MKT presentation. Dah la dengan x faham nya MKT tetiba ni. Adoi. Yes, It's my fault say the thing that I should not say during the MKT class just now. Sorry classmate! Pasti korang begang kan tetiba mulut aku ni terpacul tanya benda tu kuat2. X pasal2 kena buat jugak. My mistake. Next time, I should just shut up and keep quite during the class.

Tonight my class will having repelacement class for ECO 162. For ACC116 does not have any class today. Yeah!. Now just waiting my friend to back to TPH and at the mean time, my CTU group assingment are searching the info in the library while others are doing their own job.