Review of my subjects for my semester 2 in UiTM

The subjects that I took for 
Dec 2010 - Apr 2011

ACC 116 
This subject is the continuation of ACC 106. This subject called Cost Accounting. From my point of view, this subject is easy to understand and does not have many chapter to cover. It only has 5 chapter. The chapter that you guys will learn soon are :

Chapter : 1. Introduction to Cost Accounting
                 2. Material Costing
                 3. Labour Costing
                 4. Overhead Costing
                 5. Job Costing.

See just this 5 chapters you need to cover. If you like to do accounting and calculate stuff, this subject you should excel it well because it easy to understand and to you guys that have experience work in store department maybe this will be your advantages to know how to do Cost Accounting.

IF you people had fail paper ACC106 before, you cannot take ACC116 on the following semester instead you need to repeat ACC106 paper again. IF you pass then you may proceed to continue this paper. It is because this subject known as chain subjects. ( subjek berantai / saling berkaitan ). You need to pass the first paper to make sure you can take the following subject.

ECO 162
Next, the name is Microeconomics. To those people who like economic stuff, this will be yours strength & advantage to get high marks in this subject. Contains calculation, formula, graph, tables and also theory of economics. The contents have both calculation & theory and it is balance combination. There will be 9 chapters if I not mistaken that you guys must learn. To people that will take this subjects I suggest you guys must do your revision every time you have learn new chapters. There's a lot of chapters you need to cover. So be prepared. Not to forget try do the past year questions as early as you can because this will make you familiar the  type of question that they will ask for.

Chapter : 1. Introduction to Microeconomics
                 2. Demand
                 3. Supply
                 4. Market Equilibrium
                 5. Theory of Production.
                 6. Consumer Behavior.
                 7. Market Structure I ( Prefect Competition & Monopoly )
                 8. Market Structure II ( Monopolistic Competition & Oligopoly )
                 9. Market Distribution ( Perfect Competition )

( I just type what I remember in my mind right now, sorry if there are any mistakes)

This subject is also a chain subject with ECO 211 ( Macroeconomics). So do not fail on this paper. Do not scared to ask lecturer if you do not understand the topics. This subject need you to be more focus during class because there are few inputs that maybe do not have in the text book, make sure give full attention in class during lecture time. No regrets if you do that. It's for your own benefits.

MKT 243
This subject called as Fundamentals of Marketing. Most of people who already took this paper will say one of the most toughest subject in Business Faculty and yes it is true as what I had experience it. The reason because the subject is way too many to cover. Around 12 chapters total. Damn that is a lot!. Yes I admit it this subject I need to note for it. Too much things to " hafal ". The other reason why I said it though because the lecturer that my class have are using her own way of teaching and thats make me and my classmate could not understand what she taught us in class. I'm sorry but this is the fact. ( as you can see I not really into marketing although this should be my main subject for my course & faculty. )

Oh ya, I could not list up the chapter that you will learn in this subject because I do not have the list of chapter in my file. I had lost it!

BEL 260
This subject is known as Preparation for MUET. If i'm not mistaken that is the name. It is English language subject similar to BEL 120. I think I do not need to elaborate much about this subject.

CTU 151
The name of this subject is " Pemikiran Tamadun Islam ". Need to " hafal " and understand the content of this subject. Not really difficult actually. BUT the question will be tricky to answer. Be careful of that. This is for Pendidikan Islam subject. For non muslim, there will take IDA subject. More to moral I guess so.

HSL 112
This is my kokurikulum activity that I entered. This code is for Ping Pong. Easy to learn but difficult to play because it is a fast movement sport. You need skill to play ping pong. Lucky I have basic skills how to play because at home I use to play with my brothers when I was young. If you want to pick sports as your Koko, I suggest you guys participate in ping pong. The trainers are friendly and they wiling to teach us from scratch.

Overall : The subjects that I think I can do well are ACC116 & ECO 162. Hopefully I score with flying colors for this sem examination. Semester 3 are waiting for me soon. Can't wait to learn new subjects. ( why are you sounds so nerdy mira! )


The result will come out soon.
I just pray to Allah SWT that I can excel and achieved based on what I have done for my finals. From what I can remember. this semester I have gave more effort towards my academics. Eventually it is enough for me to get great result.
Yeah at the same time I had done few careless mistakes during my finals exam but as what I can say now, I just " tawakal " because the result somehow will appear in my email soon.
Whatever grades I get, I must prepare in any situation and accept what the result will be.
Yes there will be chances that I may fall apart or get great result for my semester 2.

To my classmate, coursemate, friends that will going to get the result, I wish good luck and all the best. Hope you all will get of what your targeted for the exam.

1 more week

Yes, I have 1 week for holiday before I start my semester three. I can't wait to go back to Lendu ( are you sure mira? )

WISH ME LUCK! Damn this sem I will have 7 subjects all together. No more woke up late after this ( maybe can if I have class on noon.)


Nak tahu tu apa? Ni la no. bilik saya kat UiTM Alor Gajah. Jangan lak nak serbu ke apa ya. Hahah. TPH bermaksud nama kolej iaitu Tun Putih. Ini lah penghuni2 bilik 2306 yang saya kenali since semester 1 sehingga sekarang. Naik sem 3 ni x tahu la siapa akan jadi penghuni baru. Kita tunggu dan lihat ya. Walaupun saya ni x la selalu duduk kat bilik sendiri tapi saya sayang diaorang okay. =). Thanks roomates. X lupa jugak level 23 and level 22. Ni la tempat2 saya lepak di kolej TPH.

Natasha Al-Latiff ( Kak Tasya , dah masuk degree.) Rindu akak!
Nabilah Kamarul ( Nabby )  take care tau!
Jazryana Jaapar ( Yana ) yeah still jadi roomates, coursmate.

Nur Hasyiqin ( eqin ) beza 1 sem je kitaorg.
P/s : sorry ambil gambar korang semua, harap x marah ya. Thanks. 

Yippee Cup ( at SS2 )

Mushroom Soup

Bubble Tea ( Choc & Vanilla ) RM 5.00 each

15 May 2011

Thank you so much for the wishes my friends!
Really appreciate it.
I think this year is one of the memorable birthday ever!
Thanks to my family and close friends of mine because celebrate my special day.

The gift that I received for my birthday.

Oreo Cheese Cake & Choc cake

Francier Tripod

External hard disk

Laptop Cooler



hehe... =)

My Color : EMAS

Kamu seorang yang tahu apa yang kamu lakukan, yang mana betul dan silapnya. Kamu juga seorang yang mudah bergaul dengan sesiapa saja dan setia serta tak suka bersedih biarpun pelbagai masalah yang menimpa. Dalam soal percintaan, kamu sukar berjumpa dengan orang yang benar-benar kamu sukai tapi sekali kamu menemuinya pasti tidak akan kamu lepaskan begitu saja. Bila sekali gagal, sukar untuk kamu jatuh cinta lagi untuk kali yang seterusnya dalam tempoh yang lama.

Yes, there will be Uptown Lendu!..


Depan UiTM ada Uptown oh. Great!..Hope best la. 

trip to SINGAPORE!


Universal Studio Singapore ( 6 May 2011 )

Overall : 
It's awsome!. You guys should go with your family or with your friends. I know the ticket is expensive to buy it but it worth to go.. =)

Yesterday and today

3 May 2011

Yesterday I went to Sunway Pyramid with my 3rd brother. The reason why we go there to have our lunch at Full House. This are few pictures that I managed to snap at Full house.

 I like the way they decorate the restaurant.

Pumpkin Soup and Ice Lemon Tea

Spaghetti Cabonara for main dish

Two cube of cakes for our dessert.

All of this above cost around RM 16.90. The price is quite reasonable for me. 

After we had our lunch, me and my brother went to FOS to buy some cloth there. Lucky for us is sale at FOS. ( ^ ^ , ). 

4 May 2011

Again me and my 3rd brother went to Tropicana City Mall to watch Thor Movie. The effect is superb and outstanding. If you still not watch that movie yet, go and watch it. Thanks Aly because bring me along to watch that movie. It's Wednesday, so it lil bit cheap to go watch the movie at cinema. 

After that, we went to Starbucks to buy the Choc Chip Ice Blanded. It's cost RM 8.60 I guess. Starbuck has offer 50% discount from 5-7pm for all the drinks. What you waiting for, go and buy while the offer is still running on before it's too late.

Holiday.. YES!

My semester 2 had just gone by. Can't wait for semester 3!. Now is my semester break. Roughly around 3 weeks my holiday for this semester break. On this coming Thursday, my family and I will go to JB and Singapore for vacation. Yeah!, this time for sure I will enjoy my entire day at Universal Studio. Last time I went, we all cant buy the ticket because it's out stock and it's on school holiday. So yeah, you can imagine how many people will go for Universal Studio. Targeting to buy few perfumes for my own collection. Ed Hardy is one on my list that I had planned to buy it.