The result will come out soon.
I just pray to Allah SWT that I can excel and achieved based on what I have done for my finals. From what I can remember. this semester I have gave more effort towards my academics. Eventually it is enough for me to get great result.
Yeah at the same time I had done few careless mistakes during my finals exam but as what I can say now, I just " tawakal " because the result somehow will appear in my email soon.
Whatever grades I get, I must prepare in any situation and accept what the result will be.
Yes there will be chances that I may fall apart or get great result for my semester 2.

To my classmate, coursemate, friends that will going to get the result, I wish good luck and all the best. Hope you all will get of what your targeted for the exam.


nohfee said...

all the best too, dear. =)

Mira Fadzlin said...

thanks feera..
You too..
Gd luck..