Can I have my own freedom.

I trying to be happy of what I have in life. Tapi tahu je la manusia pasti ada je benda yang x cukup. Nak tu la nak ni la. It's including me. Maybe some of you think that I am a materialistic person, it's up to you what do you think about me. Now I think what I really want is to have some quality time with my friends. Like outing or do activity that we all like to do. Maybe go for photoshoot, picnic or at least do anything that fun and exciting. That's the thing I lack of. It is because my family does not allowed me to go out frequently with my friends but if with my siblings and that is okay for them.

For now I'm trying to accept the way of my life when in KJ. Hoping that when I reach 20 years old, my parents give the freedom to me to go out with my friends and let me drive the car. The earlier the better for me.