2011 will come to an end.

Salam and hey blogger and people who read my blog. It has been awhile since I wrote on my previous post. 

2011 will be ending in 22 days. 2011 was the year that went maybe a little too fast. It's the year your so called friend walks out of your life and it's the year you realise who the real ones are. It's the year you felt the most pressure to the point you gave up so many times but you're still learning to get back up. It's the year you cried over too many pointless things, too many times. It's the year you look back on all the lifetime memories in which you find yourself missing the people in them. But it's also the year you move on, slowly, and you realise that it's okay. For me, twenty eleven is the best year ever. Much better than before. I met so many new friends and learnt so many awesome things. I thank God for everything. January coming up. Whatever it is, move on is the answer.