Honestly, when I saw someone had achieve something in their life, I started to be jealous easily and sometimes I felt that I haven't achieved anything that I want. Therefore I need to do something I capable of but what I can do now? To excel in academics are way impossible for me because there're more genius people in my class. I just an average teenage girl with an average IQ level. I know is not easy to achieve things that we want, maybe by being average is enough for me. One day, I will try to be a better person and grab any opportunity that I can. 

Today is not a good day for me. I'm alone in my room, just few of my levelmate are here. The others went for their examination. It's actually an opportunity for me to be by myself for awhile. To have space of my own, to do what I really want and to have my own privacy. 

For the time being, I prefer to listen what my friends say rather than to give opinions or suggestions. Some of you may not realize that I actually not a talkative person. I'm more into listening. You may say that I like to make jokes to my friends or people that I know but currently I don't have any interest to do that. Preferable to be focus on examination, revision and books. Sounds geeky but that's the truth. 

Being what you are is the best thing although there will be people not satisfy of what you are and they start to talk about you. Just believe in yourself and eventually all will be okay. It's good sometimes to listen what they have said and improve from there. If you think you can do, just do it but if you prefer to not change anything, just stay that way. At the end of it they will ignore about the issued that happened.