Ceritera Semasa Mula2 masuk sem 1

Al-kisah nya bermula apabila aku mula dapat tawaran masuk UiTM Lendu. I'm really happy to get the offer from UiTM to continue my study in Dip. Business Studies ( Insurance ). Although it's not my first choice I glad I got the offer. Skip the orientation week ( MDS ), now I want to share with all of you what happened to me during my first month in UiTM as an insurance student.  Technically, I look like I'm a mascom / photog student. Maybe the way I dress & the way I talked to people is different from other insurance students. My first class on Monday was BEL 120 and that's it for the day. What can I remembered was I still not make any new friends that time. I barely knew anyone from my class.

My attire during class 
 Selalunya kalau kuliah aku lebih selesa memakai kemeja daripada baju kurung. Unless it's compulsory to wear baju kurung, baru aku pakai. Kiranya memang susah nak nampak aku pakai baju kurung la ya. Personally, bila aku pakai baju kemeja nampak la ala2 budak business. Formal look and at the same time, it's boost my confident level when I meet other people at UiTM. Gambar2 ni ambil time awal2 sem. Ternampaklah muka2 budak baik kan. Hahaha. Bayangkan la time dah part 6, mcm mane la rupa kitaorg budak insurance C ni. =). Since I attended my first MGT class, I started to be friends with Ain, Nazrul. It's because we were in same group for presentation.
Masa nak ambil gambar kelas.

Muka skema nazrul time ni. =)

Hana yg suka bergambar.

Jue. Time awal2 kitaorg selalu bersama. Now dia dah x belajar kat UiTM.
Good luck!

masa presentation MGT. ( muka gementar ni )

Nazrul! kau nampak lain. Haha. Sekarang dah x macam ni. =)

Nurul baik, pandai owh. =)
Kalau ikutkan memang best time awal2 sem 1. Banyak kenangan owh. Rasanya baru je happened tapi rupanya dah berbulan berlalu. Mula2 kenal dengan student2 kat sini semua okay. Lepas dah lama berkenalan, I can see the real personality of them.

Oh ya, caya x aku wakil TPH utk bola keranjang for Sukan Bakat b\Baru time sem 1. Hell yeah, rasa x caya pun ada. Thank you to Wani sbb ajak aku join. Kalau x, alamat x dapat merasai pingat emas owh. Hehe. Pancit habis time main tapi puas dapat join.

* Few pictures that I still kept in my laptop. I have a lot of pictures to share but my connection does not let me upload many pictures at once.

Just for you.

The way I feel for you
I can see what you meant
when you told me you loved me.

Saturday night you kissed
me as you stared into my eyes
and I could finally feel something
for you.

Everyday i wonder what
I did to deserve you
the things you said almost
made me cry.

Oh the look in those
eyes bring me
back to the day when
I kissed you back.

I remember the day you
told me you loved me
oh how I told you that
I was afraid to fall in

You took my hand and
told me not to be afraid
that everything will be

I go back to that day
when I found out that 
my eyes make you loose 

In the morning when I woke
up next to you I could
feel what you meant.

Friday night at the hotel
you changed your ways
and you were happy because
I was there for you.

You took my hand and
said ' don't leave me alone '
because you loved me 
with all your heart.
Happy Chinese New Year
The year of Rabbit.



Terkenang kembali peristiwa semasa aku di tingkatan 2. Mula meminati muzik genre emo, metal. Band - band yang aku dengar time form 2 ialah :

  1. Alesana
  2. Saosin
  3. From First to Last
  4. My Chemical Romance
  5. Red Jump Suit Apparatus
This are the few bands that I still remember untill now. Others I can't remember.
Love is a promise, love is a souvenir, once given never forgotten, never let it disappear. 

Derma Darah.

Semalam terjadi lah satu pekara yang x diduga. Insyallah semua akan jadi seperti sediakala.

Hari ni ( 26/1/2011 ) aku ingat nak buat record first time nak derma darah. Malangnya aku hanya sempat di check darah jenis apa aku ni. Padahal aku dah tahu. Darah jenis O aku ni. Too bad sebab aku kurang sihat dan telah makan ubat dalam minggu ni, x dapat aku nak derma darah aku. Terkilan jugak rasanya x dapat nak bantu orang yang memerlukan darah. Apa boleh buat, xde rezeki la katakan.

* I'm not in the mood right now. My mental and physical can't working properly. It's like something missing in my life. I need you dear. I'm sorry.


Friendship is a personal relationship shared between each friends. In other words, it is the relationship of trust, faith and concern for each other feelings. Friendship is all about how much you care and understand each other. A true friendship does not consist of a huge number of friends you keep but it is valued by its worth and capability to hold you and stand by you in all phases of life.

Me & Dyla

Ruby & Me 
Wan, Ain, Hana, Nazrul, & Me
People say that the best friends automatically come closer from among a group of friends and you will never have to make an extra effort to do find one. That is how the strong bond between true friends is formed.

Can I have Fixie Bike?

Love red color fixie bike


  1. I played basketball almost every night.
  2. I played ping pong during " Ko- Sukan "
  3. Finish up the MKT slide.
  4. Study ACC, ECO, MKT.
  5. Do assignment.
  6. Walk around UiTM.
Hahahah... ( sikit nya, sorry la malas nak bagitahu yg lain apa berlaku yg buat diriku ini penat ).


she is on the fast track, can I catch her up along the track.
 You being in my arms,
heart by heart feels like our love would never end. <3

Grass cutter!.

Today I woke up early in the morning. Thank you so much to the people who do ' potong rumput ' at my college. Supposed to be I have my discussion MKT with my group members around 10am ++. Now since I woke very early, I just do searching,  blogging, facebook-ing. I know it's sound so boring and like " oh no what should I do now! "

monday evening.

TPH event just finished last night. A lot of things happend during this whole week. Yeah I know my level does not won this time for the " Level Tercantik ". Ahaks. There will be next time. Betul kan budak2 level 23? haha.

This week will be my busy, busy, busy week. Many assingments that I have to do. MKT presentation. Dah la dengan x faham nya MKT tetiba ni. Adoi. Yes, It's my fault say the thing that I should not say during the MKT class just now. Sorry classmate! Pasti korang begang kan tetiba mulut aku ni terpacul tanya benda tu kuat2. X pasal2 kena buat jugak. My mistake. Next time, I should just shut up and keep quite during the class.

Tonight my class will having repelacement class for ECO 162. For ACC116 does not have any class today. Yeah!. Now just waiting my friend to back to TPH and at the mean time, my CTU group assingment are searching the info in the library while others are doing their own job.
Money! I want you.
Where can I get a lot of money?
Sob sob =(.

Love the new hair.

My new look &  new hair style. 

At last I cut my hair. For 1 year ++ I kept my long hair grow. Now, bye-bye long hair and hello short hair. Personally, I prefer to have this type of hairstyle. It's suit me with my hot face. * Perasan mode. LOL.

Academic session 2011 - 2012


That's mean, I will have few weeks only for my semester breaks at the end of semester 2 and start my semester 3 in 30 May 2011. Yeah! I will not suffer staying at home after this. 


Although there's people in this room, yet I felt the loneliness surrounding the room. Trying to fix this problem. Hope I can survive in this condition for awhile. 
Flu, flu go away and don't ever come again! I hate it.

Have tons of work to do. Assingment, project and etc. Now, I'm worried more about my MKT 243 subject rather than my ECO 162. One of the reason is the way my lecturer teach during my class. Majority of my classmate slept during her class. I bet for our first quiz my class can't score with flying colours. Errgghhh  
I lost my confident for now. It will take for awhile to gain back the confident.

Morning. Pagi.

Three days in a row for every week I have morning class ( 8.30am - 10.20am ). OMG, I can't focus early in the morning. Still in sleepy mode. Help me.!
Don't find love, let love find you. 
That's why it's called falling in love,
because you don't force yourself to fall, 
You just fall.

JPM event.

What was I doing there? Actually I'm helping my senior to be the Add Hock for photographer. Thank you to Shahrizal because offered me the job of taking the picture for that event. Although I'm still new ( ahaks! ) yet I managed to the work properly and the outcome of it is good. =). During the event, I met new friends that have same interest in photography. Both of them are Shahrizal's housemate. In my opinion, they both are friendly and kindly share their knowledge of photography with me. Soon I will get the pictures that have been taken by me from Shahrizal and I will try to upload it as soon as possible.

* Do I look matured ? Majority of the part 1 girls call me kakak.I guess the way I dress last night look like I'm older than I should be. AAHHH!


Not my lucky day I think. 
Many things happened in one day. 
I never imagine it would be turn out like that.  
Just hoping that next day will be better than today. 

while waiting for my monday class.

This weekend, my collage ( TPH ) will be doing 'gotong - royong'. Every semester they will do this type of activity. If I really want to stay at TPH for next sem, I should involve in every activity to collect the college sticker. For now, I have to pay many things such as text books, manual book and college fees. Damn!! I'm broke already. I didn't apply PTPTN. Just rely on my parents money to support my daily life at here for now.  * Updating my blog using my hp it's actually difficult to type, using this small qwerty keypad.
Jelouse ? No comment about that.

my weekend.

My weekend for this week was awsome, although I feel tired and hungry. Food  come to me, I need you. *Dream on mira, food do not have legs or wings to go to you okay!

Now I feel sleepy. Bed, where are you? haha. I will update more next time when I have free time to update my blog. Tata titi tutu. ( meaning : bye bye )

BEL day.

Second Day ( tuesday)

Among all the weekdays, tuesday is known as English day for my class. Well as you all know, my class will have 2 lecturers for BEL 260. Listening, speaking & grammar will be teach by Miss Fiza and for reading & writing will be teach by Mr. Rajasegaran. Both of them have their own way of teaching this subject. 


I really miss you so much!

First day of semester 2.

Now I have the DIN2C's official timetable. 
The best part was, there will be no more NIGHT CLASS for me! 

Today was my first day of  "kuliah". The first class was Marketing ( MKT 243 ). It was okay for the first hour of the lecture session. When all my friend started to fill up the entrance form ( it's to show how well you know the subject ). I think the majority of my classmate circle at number 1. For me, when I read all the question on the entrance form, I can't think of the answer. Oh shoot! this is way harder than I thought.

The next class was Costing ( ACC 116 ). We combined 3 classes for lecture session and for tutorial we will do by classes in different days. The lecturer was strict and serious. That's all I can tell to you guys for now because I barely knew my lecturers.

To all the readers, I might update my blog when I have time to do it and when I have good connection broadband. You can imagine stay at Lendu with low coverage of broadband. That's really " benggang" for me.
How come I got 2 English class in one day? Superb.

Geram kot!

Rasa geram ada. 

Rasa kelakar pun ada.

Nak tahu apa sebabnya tetiba aku tulis macam tu? It's started when I'm arrived at my hostel ( TPH ). I walked into my room and there was my junior ( part 1 ). After I put all my belongings in the cupboard, I realise that my pad locks were gone. OMG, I need to buy 3 new pad lock and replace it. Thanks a lot to those who stoled all 3 of my pad locks.I will make sure before I go back home for my next semester break, I will take out all my pad locks and keep it in my bag. 

Tapi yang kelakarnya kenapa la pihak kolej nak cabut benda alah tu. Dah la almari kat kolej memang secara azali nya xde tempat nak letak mangga ataupun nak kunci, so kitaorg ni la kena buat sendiri. Haih. Sorry la kalau isu ni pun aku nak tulis. Because this is my blog, I can write anything in here. I don't care what people will say about it.     

Second semester.

Welcome back.

2011, please be nice to me. I really wanna have great moment with my family, special one , and of course with my beloved friends.

P/s : For this semester, I have 2 classes at night. OH NO!

Bye KJ. Hello Lendu.

This Monday I will start my second semester in UiTM Alor Gajah.
In this semester, the subjects are getting tougher than before.
I will try my best to improve my grades and gets better CGPA.
Wish me luck to accomplish the task.
I haven't finish packing my things!! Damn I'm too lazy to do it.

It's me !


I'm the owner of this blog. Starting from now I will post my entry in this blog. 
The reason why I started to use blogspot?
Majority of my friends used blogspot instead of tumblr, wordpress and etc.

I will use it as my personal blog. The things that may happen in future. As for my tumblr, I will use it to reblog others post. =). It's quite fun actually reblogging peoples post in tumblr. From entertainment to quotes, just name it and it will appear.

* Trying to improve my writing skill. I'm still new in blogging. So hopefully you guys can help me with it. Sorry for my grammar mistake, Im sure there's a lot I had done.

This what they say about me.


Few of my friends had given their comments about me, who I am in their life.

Safinah ( SMKSP ) : 
hello kawan sekolah and jiran dekat rumah! haha :D kau pandai doh. kau ace pmr & spm dulu time skola. benci kau sebab kau pandai sangat! hahahaha. aku dengar mcm2 cite pasal kau tapi kau buat pekak je kan? you are so strong babe :) even though kau ade macam2 masalah kau still face it and still manage to smile. one day kita hang out kay? (: keep going with your interest in taking pictures. skill kau AWESOME!

Ainaa Nadia (SKKJ2) :

Kawan masa sekolah rendah. Since darjah 4 till 6. I know her from Farhana Omar and Iffah Muzli. What I can remember is, I used to tumpang at her house before nak ke sekolah. Dulu dia ni agak taiko lah dengan gameboy dia. Sumpah wa jeles. Pasal dia ada banyak game. Haha. And can I say that you got that 'boyish' kinda attitude. But still deep inside, I can see that feminine side in you. 

Irfan Husin (SMKSP) :

hey senior! i think we never met b4 rite? but u r a coooool senior, u r talkative, u r freindly to the juniors, u hv a nice passion in photgraphy... n yeah, hope to see u 1 day 

Syakir Iman ( SMKSP):

awak baik, and i like you as a photographer. you photograph great shots. sama2 ledang, itu la kenangan paling cool (Y)

Nicholas Siew ( SMKSP ):

very friendly! always come and chat with me :) ure quite hip and i think ure an awesome photgrapher :) thanks for being an awesome friend!

Muhammad Mustaqim ( SMKSP):

Haha! Even though we never talk before.
But from my perspective. You're a great senior and of course a great photographer. :)
Wish you could teach me one day. :D

Azmir Zulkiply ( ex-SMKSP ):
we didnt knw each other much fr a long time.but dpt sama2 klas masa f1 dulu.brthday sama mcm bestf aku, perangai pn lebih kurg je aa kn:p ahaha.mmg lama gila aa tk nmpk ko an. agk2 last time jmpa masa openhse hamid. haha.lama ah tk jmpa ngn korng bdk2 skola lama. kalo wat reunion pn segan nk dtg.bkn knl sme org:p hope to see u again!

Nurul Awanis ( ex-KJ2 ) 
the girl who lived just opposite to my house but we rarely meet. weird huh. but as far as i concern, skrg u dah kat melaka right ? we were best friends during our school year, primary school to be exact, you're so tall while me and fah were soo short, but i am tall now, iffah still short lol. and then we went to puan zainun's tuition and then we score. good times ;') 
Happy New Year 2011.

New Year, New Blog. Waaahhhooooooo!.

To all my friends who reading this, follow my blog.

( I can't see fireworks from my window. The trees behind my house are blocking my view! Damn it! Just can hear the sound of the fireworks.)